Great Reasons why you should Consider Learning Spanish

With about 400 million native Spanish speakers, and countless others who speak the Spanish language, Spanish is quickly becoming a necessity, whether you are a student, a traveller, or a businessperson or maybe you have retired to an Hispanic community or country. Here are 4 good reasons why you should consider learning the language this Year: 1. Learning Spanish is great for your health. Believe it or not - it's true! Studies have found that those people who speak two languages (and switch back and forth between the two) are less likely to suffer from diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia and many other related diseases.

This is mainly because of the amount of brain "workout time" you are giving yourself, think of it as a workout for you brain. 2. Learning Spanish will increase job opportunities.

Most employers like to see applicants who have a wide range of experiences, including having the ability to comunicate in English and Spanish. Being able to speak a foreign language illustrates you have initiative. In addition, some jobs nowadays actually require that applicants speak both English and Spanish fluently especially in the America's. 3. Understanding Spanish will help you gain a better knowledge of other cultures. Spanish is spoken throughout the world, and the Hispanic culture, for example, is rich with tradition.

When you can speak Spanish, you can better relate to other Spanish-speaking cultures and more easily understand their way of life. You can read Spanish newspapers, watch Spanish television, and enjoy conversing with others who speak Spanish as well, thus immersing yourself in their culture. 4. Learning Spanish is actually relatively easy. If you speak English, particularly if you're a native speaker, you'll find that learning to speak Spanish is relatively easy. Because the Spanish vocabulary is so very similar to English, many find that it's one of the quickest second languages to learn.

Whilst the grammar might be a little hard or tricky for some, much of written Spanish is actually phonetic, making it very easy to get to grips with straight away. One of the other major benefits to learning a second language is the friends you make during the learning process, I for one try to make a trip over to Spain once a month to mix with the locals, people become very helpful when they realise you are making an effort to communicate with them. Hopefully I've convinced you that it will certainly be very benificial to learn Spanish in the coming weeks and months. To your success in learning Spanish quickly and easily.

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