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Beyonce Focuses On 'Dreamgirls' Role

Platinum-selling singer Beyonce isn't even thinking about the follow-up to her successful 2003 solo album, Dangerously In Love. Nor is she dealing with her musical life after the announced retirement of the group she rode to fame, Destiny's Child. Her energies are QWentirely directed toward her film role as Deena in the film adaptation of the musical Dreamgirls. Beyonce is slated to return to the recording studio in May, but that all depends on when filming for the star-studded musical is completed.

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'American Idol' Crushes Grammys in Ratings

Some humbling news for the pros: By a wide margin, TV viewers prefer the amateurs.

Nearly twice as many people watched "American Idol" than the Grammy Awards Wednesday when the two music programs went head-to-head in prime time, according to preliminary estimates

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