Gift Giving Etiquette

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. Yes, but there are certain do's and don'ts when it comes to gift giving. When you know the recipient fairly well, selecting a gift is easy.

But, you have to remember what they really don't like or your effort at gifting them could turn out disastrous. You have also to keep track of what you had given them on previous occasions. Of course, some people love to get the same thing over and over again, especially if it is their favorite item.

In the business setting, here are a few gift giving tips that might help: Find items that leave a lasting impression People are in business to impress. First impressions count a lot, and the same applies to your gift. It colors the client's perception of you as an individual and you as a business associate. Capitalize on your client's interests Everyone loves a gift related to something they cherish or appreciate. If your client is a sports fan, get some sports memorabilia or tickets to a game.

If you haven't had the chance to get acquainted with your client's likes and dislikes, find out from their secretary or assistant before you get them a gift. Observe corporate gift-giving guidelines If an employee of a company is to be the recipient of your gift, find out the company's gift-giving standards from a manager. Give a gift of appropriate value Too cheap a gift would annoy a client and too expensive a gift might shock or embarrass them.

So, stay within your budget, be generous enough, but don't overdo it. Give an appropriate gift A gift of liquor given to a connoisseur of alcoholic beverages will be well appreciated while the same gift given to a teetotaler will be rebuked. When giving gifts to members of the opposite sex, definitely avoid personal items.

You might include humor in your gifts with people you know well, but even then, be careful if they are of a different culture. Humor that's innocent in one culture may be scorned upon in another. Use your logo with caution Gifts are a good way to promote yourself and your business but having your logo in large print across the front of the gift is no appropriate way to advertise yourself.

It is too blatant and repulsive. You can subtly hide your logo in the packaging, though. Think of the joy your gift is to give someone. If you can see your gift delivering that joy, then that is the most effective advertising. Lend a personal touch Hand-write notes to go along with your gift.

Don't type everything-that's too cold. Aim to see the gleam in the eye of the recipient of your gift. Then, you'll be sure to follow your heart and give a gift that's well appreciated and remembered for years to come. After all, it's the thought that goes along with the gift that's most important.

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