A Brief History of Breedlove Guitars

Breedlove Guitars is currently located in Bend, Oregon. They consider themselves a traditional company, but their guitar styles are often anything but. An ambitious surfer named Kim Breedlove decided to make his living designing guitars and other stringed instruments for a living during a surfing trip. In 1974, Breedlove set his plan into motion. He started to educate himself and acquired the proper tools and training needed to live out his dream. His goal proved a worthy one as he established himself as a high level luthier, capable of creating instruments of quality.

Though Kim Breedlove is the creative brain behind Breedlove Guitars, the company itself was actually founded by two others. His brother, Larry Breedlove, and his friend, Steve Henderson, formed a partnership to start the company in 1990. Kim Breedlove still works for the company as a master luthier. Once the company was started, they quickly set to work developing a line of instruments they could sell to the public. Most of the beginning models were specifically developed for the finger style player.

These include guitars that had both distinctive shapes and used woods such as myrtle and walnut. They were truly unique instruments. Current Breedlove guitar models continue that early tradition, but the line has since expanded.

Available lines include their custom guitars, which feature both traditional styles and unique designs, the Breedlove Revival Series which includes Dreadnought styles, the OOO, and the OM, and the Breedlove Atlas Series. Breedlove also has a list of accomplished players who swear by their acoustic guitars. These include Ed Gerhard, a Grammy Award winning artist, Richard Gilewitz, an accomplished soloist, and Sugarland- Kristian Bush. Here are some reviews of Breedlove Guitars: About the Breedlove AC200-SM I really like to play a little of everything and the sound of this guitar is spectacular. It is very clear and has an impressive projection.

Not too bright or bassy. I have been playing for 10 years, I used to have a few electric guitars but I finally decided to sell them all to get a nice steel string acoustic. I think this guitar was made to be played, and although its design is very attractive it dose not have a flashy appearance. Breedlove Guitars is another successful young guitar manufacturer that has left its impact on American guitar players.

The tradition of companies like Breedlove, Taylor, Gibson, Fender and Washburn bode well for the future of premium acoustic guitars manufactured in the United States.

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