Madonna To Hit Small Venues For 'Intimate' Confessions Tour

Madonna plans to hit the clubs for her upcoming summer tour, because according to her tour director, it wouldn't be the disco queen's kind of dance floor if it weren't a bit confessional too.

"A typical Madonna show is quite produced," said for Madonna's last two tours. "She likes things large, she likes things theatrical, but this time, being that [Confessions on a Dance Floor] is an intimate album, we want to try to make people have an intimate experience as well as a big produced theatrical experience. So look for us doing some small venues, some smaller venues."

"Originally, I had the idea that I wanted to do a little bit of everything," Madonna said. "Small places like Roseland [in New York] and the Wiltern [in Los Angeles] and then sports arenas, and then stadiums. Keeps me from getting bored."

To achieve the intimacy and stave off that boredom, Madonna will have to be able to get close to everyone, so the tour is also going to be more interactive. "I would like to put her as close to her people — her fans, her dancers, her fellow supporters — as possible," King said.

While that effect was achieved via the pit and the catwalk on her Reinvention Tour, don't expect Madonna to merely reinvent that tour and trot out all the hits. The set list has been confirmed, King said, and it's definitely Confessions-heavy, with "some familiar faces" popping up from the past two dance-themed videos, "Hung Up" and "Sorry." That said, there will be a few yet-to-be-revealed fan favorites on the set list as well.

"Listen, I love old Madonna songs — I don't know one person who doesn't," King said. "But we want to focus mainly on this album. I think people love it and they want to hear it, so expect a lot of the songs from Confessions on a Dance Floor."

The tour will start in May in Los Angeles and continue through the summer and most of September, Madonna said, "and then the kids go back to school!" She plans to hit the U.S., Europe and Asia. Tour dates have yet to be announced, but rehearsals begin March 1.

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